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The Alabaster Colossus

2008-11-21 17:33:47 by LifeInSucksville

The Alabaster Colossus

The first time me and my friends have finished a cartoon together.
It was originally planned as a Fraiser parody starring Motaro. Motaro played an intelligent radio talk-show host who gave advice to his callers. We were planning on having witty dialogue and almost everything you can find in Fraiser.

That's, of course, before Baizer got drunk while writing the script.
Imagine the surprise I felt expecting a witty sit-com and reading what's animated in the link above.


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2008-11-21 18:01:13

It has good animation... but the backround needs work and the script...


2008-11-26 03:38:39

Good all round. Randomness inspires me. :)


2008-11-28 03:28:42

>__< hey man! you want weed?


2009-01-06 19:02:16

Dude that was fuckin fuckin. Your animation skills have gotten pretty rad too.


2009-01-06 19:02:40

I meant fuckin funny.


2010-03-15 22:47:42

What happened to you! You've vanished!


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